Why hire a professional writer?
If you can read this, you can write. Of course, not all writing is created equal. I will mirror your existing voice and brand, or help your business establish one. You put your best face forward in every aspect of business -- why would your message be any different?

In just seconds, your customers either connect with you or they go with the other guy. I create copy that speaks to them directly -- grabbing and holding their attention, inspiring them to act.

Have a staff copywriter? Then you know just how valuable talented writers are. But even the most productive scribe needs backup on occasion. I can get up to speed quickly, overseeing complete jobs, brainstorming fresh ideas for an ongoing project and everything in between.

Holding the interest of customers and employees means showing them you understand their goals -- and that you know how to help achieve them. Regular, informative communication will build relationships. With properly crafted e-mails and newsletters you are a solution, making you a part of their team for the long haul.

I'll keep this short, because I know you're busy. Which is where I come in. You don't just want projects done, you want them done right. As a published professional with more than 10 years of writing, marketing and advertising experience I can do that for you -- enabling you to focus on what you do best: build your business.

Your words are in safe hands. Get started now.
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